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At 20, Scalp P is the Pits
from Susi N.

Ed:  I too have P (feels strange; I’ve never referred to it that way before).  I am fortunate in the sense that I am only affected with it on my scalp, so it is not entirely visible until it starts to flake.  All I know is that it is extremely uncomfortable, itchy, sore, and ugly. 

I am 20 years old and will be a junior in college this fall.  My P first showed up when I was a junior in High school, I think. I don't really remember for sure.  My mom has been helping me battle this since it began, but we really haven't had much luck.  I have tried Baby Oil Treatments and Olive Oil Treatments, and shampooing with T-Gel.  I have gone to a dermatologist and tried her prescriptions religiously for a full year.  None of these "cures" have really done much of anything.  I am at a loss. 

I found your website completely by chance, and I am so glad I did.  It is so comforting to see that I can giggle about P a little bit more.  When it broke out on my scalp, I can remember crying (literally) to my mom, asking her "Why do all the bad things happen to me?"  Between the asthma and the panic attacks and allergies and everything else, now this to add to my list. 

I would really appreciate any response or ideas you may have.  I think I may try the A&D ointment idea, but other than that I am at a dead end right now.  Thanks for having this website! I really appreciate it and I am sure that hundreds of other people appreciate just as much and more.  If you get a chance, maybe you could just drop me a note with advice or ideas or whatever.  Thanks again! -Susi N.


Ed’s Response:  Well Susi, whether you hunted us out or stubbed your toe on our doorstep in the dark, we’re glad you found FlakeHQ.  I hope you’ll hang around.

What can you try?  I think my response to Adam K. in Bad Case; No Insurance; What’s Free? applies here, too.  If you haven’t already, join the National Psoriasis Foundation, keep tabs on their website and read their periodicals from cover to cover. (Nice break from Calculus and Western Civ classes.) 

You might also want to try some different scalp-P products.  There are stronger tar-based shampoos than T-Gel (even Extra Strength, I believe).  Pentrax, manufactured in Canada, used to claim to be the strongest and I always got best results from it.

Search on “scalp” here at FlakeHQ and you’ll get an evening-full of prospective reading from people who share our problem.  NPF also has a booklet on Scalp Psoriasis that you can get by writing them or read on line if you are a member.

Stay in touch, Susi, and let us know what you learn as you continue to work the problem.  -Ed

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