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P-Moms and “Fingernails”
from Sherry S.

Ed ~ July's read was a bit too moving.  I'm not fond of tearing up at my computer.  My daughter is having a baby in September, her first (my first grandkid).   The first letter for July, needless to say, gave me chills.  And huge admiration, as was also the case for your second writer.

Then came your illustrated poem.  I have an old monitor (1994 vintage — I'm waiting for the prices to fall on the flat panel display before replacing it).  I may not have gotten every detail in your photos, but your nails don't look that bad.  I keep mine very short and polished, but the pitting and other bumps aren't entirely hidden.  At least, I say to myself, they're mostly attached.  How about purple polish for yours?  Bet your grandkids would think you were cooler than ever.

Below my sig is a poem I wrote probably thirty years ago.  Maybe you want to have a P-poetry section at FlakeHQ?

Thanks for July and the other eleven, Ed. -Sherry S.


by Sherry S.

Wispy scales,  
my fingernails.  
Such stubby things  
aren't meant for rings;  
near them jewelry  
is tom-foolery.

How bored I am  
with gelatin,  
a remedy  
not meant for me,  
though its use  
with orange juice  
is guaranteed  
to supersede  
results of lotions,  
creams and potions.

One can get quite aggravated
when long claws aren't being created  
by one's set of stubborn paws:

they don't grow nails,  
they eke out flaws.


Ed’s Response:  Sherry, I don’t know if  our readers know how vast has been your influence on this site.  Once upon a time, visitors had to step through the monthly email.  It was your idea to list them all on a page so a visitor could navigate through the mail in a civilized fashion.  A small thing, perhaps, but it resulted in a rethinking of the entire Archives here at FlakeHQ and, eventually, made possible the home page “search” feature that lends those archives some utility.  Also, 90% of the really awful grammar gaffs I’ve made — the ones you simply can’t forgive — are eventually corrected following your instructions.  (As you’ve probably determined I’m incorrigible, these days you’re only pointing out the worst.)

It is, therefore, with more thanks than I can express, that I am glad to dedicate our new section — Flaker Creativity — to you.  What I’ve done to get the new section launched is compiled what’s archived that can be defined as “creative writing.”  As usual, I’ll add new contributions to the top of this section’s list, but for now, Sherry, “Fingernails” is the headliner. 

Thank you for this, Sherry.  Thank you for everything.  -Ed

Readers:  In the “search for” box on the homepage, type Sherry S. for the full rundown of what she’s contributed to us all.

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