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Cyclosporine the Only Thing That’s Worked
from Ria

Read with interest your Cyclosporine Diary. I tried Cyclo Spring of '99 and had clear skin in 3 weeks! It lasted the 4 months I took the Cyclo and 3 weeks beyond. Then had a nasty rebound, but I also had a whole pile of emotional stuff happening. Tried the Meth route late '99 — ha! No help for me!

Went back to the derm this June when I couldn't stand looking at the mess on my skin and started the Cyclo again. In 3 weeks my skin was clear; but spots started popping out even as I was reducing the dosage. No matter, my primary concern was relief from the mess. Now I'm trying to not scratch, and am doing okay.

This site has been a great help. Have been dealing with P for 25 years, stymieing derms. Nothing else has worked on my light skin. My mantra: Breathe, keep on going. :-) -Ria


Ed’s Response: I’m glad to hear you respond so well to the Cyclosporine, Ria. And 3 weeks! That’s fantastic. Sounds like the trick for you will be to find the right maintenance dosage, then an alternate therapy, and then the right "phasing" between the two. You said nothing else has worked, including methotrexate. Have you tried Soriatane? It’s the third systemic in our "big 3 arsenal." I haven’t tried it, yet, so can’t comment.

You might be able to help me on an issue I’m thinking a lot about these days: rebound. You suffered unabated for a lot of years before you tried cyclosporine and achieved clear skin for several months. Then you had a "nasty rebound." If you wouldn’t mind sharing some more, I’d like to hear how you felt and coped with the rebound. I’m interested in the psychology of it.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. -Ed

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