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More Accident Trauma Exacerbating P
from Shirley F.

Hello Ed: It's been quite a while since I visited your site, so I've been looking through archives and came across Judy and her accident. I recently slipped, dislocated and fractured my ankle in three places. Now it's full of metal and guess what? Yeap: the flaking is worse than ever! My flaking is not often miserable, but I’m eagerly waiting to get my legs and life back. Good luck to all of us in our on-going search for the cure! By the way, Ed, I printed your reply to Judy to help my son who has depression, not psoriasis. Thanks. -Shirley F.


Ed’s Response: Thanks for coming back to visit, Shirley. So sorry to hear about your ankle. But now they’ve bulked it up with some bionics, eh? Will you be able to kick a football from one goal post to the other? If you’re flaking has worsened near the fracture it could be Koebner Phenomenon — P’s tendency to flare where skin has been traumatized.

I’d forgotten that I’d shared my grandfather’s story about depression (mirrors upon mirrors) with Judy back in 1998 (see link in Shirley’s email, above). He was always able to make me feel better with that bit of armchair philosophy and I hope your son finds some comfort from it, too. -Ed

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