(June/July, 1999)

Discovered DesOwen
from John F.

I've come across a product that seems to work well with my psoriasis, so I thought I'd drop you another line.

It's a lotion that I borrowed from my girlfriend, who has a prescription for it to treat a heat rash that she gets when she's out in the sun too long.

The lotion is called "DesOwen." It is a "desonide" 0.05% lotion.

I tried putting some of this on my non-scalp psoriasis to see what would happen. (Small patch on stomach, small patch behind one ear.) Within approximately 24 hours the flaking had stopped. No flakes at all. It's now been about 2 weeks and the skin there has just about lost any of the redness that it had as a result of the P. And still no flakes. So, I'm pretty pleased with this lotion.

It's a white, odor-free, non-greasy lotion that I use once each morning. (The label says 2-3 times a day.) I'm not sure what it's usually prescribed for. My girl friend thinks it may be for diaper rash, but doesn't really know.

In any case, I'm pleased with it. I plan on trying it on my scalp psoriasis soon if I can figure out a way of applying it to the scalp, and not all over my hair. I'll read the datra sheet on DesOwen first to make sure it's not very harmful. -John F.


Ed's Response: Glad to hear DesOwen is working well for you, John. The lotion you are using contains Tridesilon, a steroid preparation which, according to the PDR Family Guide to Prescription Drugs, "relieves the itching and inflammation of a variety of skin problems." While it may be a little strong for diaper rash, it's considered one of the milder topicals for treating psoriasis.

Don't be surprised if it stops working for you eventually. Most of hese topicals will lose efficacy after awhile. When this happens to me I never throw away what's left. I set it aside for a few months and usually find it will work again. Good luck! -Ed

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