(June/July, 1999)

Miraculous Results with Cyclosporine
from Olin B.

I having been taking cyclosporine for 3 weeks and have seen almost miraculous results. If anyone wants to discuss this med or is also taking this med, feel free to e-mail me back to discuss or share results. -Olin Brotherton, [email protected]


Ed's Response: I heard a lot of good things about cyclosporine on the NPF 30th Anniversary Conference videotapes. Here's a statement about the drug lifted from the NPF web site:

Physicians have prescribed cyclosporine for widespread, debilitating psoriasis as an "off-label" use. The chance clinical observation that psoriasis improved in patients treated with cyclosporine, a drug used to prevent rejection of transplanted organs, is the main reason researchers now look at psoriasis as an immune system disorder. (July/August 1977 Psoriasis Research Roundup)

One derm at the conference said the good news about cyclosporine is it works great while the patient takes it. The bad news is it stops working when you stop taking it.

I think I speak for most flakers when I suggest this is par for the course. What have we ever tried that kept on working when treatment stopped? -Ed

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