(June/July, 1999)

Exorex Working — Sort of
from Less Flaky in NY

I tried Exorex. It seems to be working on my head. It's not completely cleared up or anything, but the flakes are not thick, bloody, painful and unbearable anymore. (I went from five hours in the bathroom cleaning off my scalp every morning to two hours, with much better results. Believe it or not, this makes me very happy.) I have a few things to say about it: 1. It's VERY expensive. If you have it all over your scalp, you need a lot more than they give you for sixty bucks to do the treatment and see results (of course, that's how they get you!). 2. I haven't been using it long enough to know if I will continue to have positive results—for all I know this is some sort of coincidence, and I'm wasting my money on nothing ... but maybe not ... when I stop using [Exorex], my head gets ickier 3. It STINKS. They say you can go out in public with it in your hair. I don't know what sort of public the people who decided that live in, but here in NY, if I showed up in public with that smell in my hair, I'd definitely get three seats to myself on the subway. I put a cheap generic tar shampoo in my hair at night, go to sleep, then wash it out in the morning (with the same shampoo). I sometimes mix in droplets of liquid Psoriasin, which is a lot cheaper and lasts a little longer because it's more wet [less viscous]. I think that helps, but I may be full of sh*t.

Anyway, what I'd like to say is, even though every testimonial on the net seems to come from someone paid by IMX Corp (makers of Exorex [U.S. distributors, actually -Ed]), pay me and I'll say anything, too. America, what a country: I don't work for them, they're sucking my wallet dry, and yet I say "try it." It didn't sound like it would work; it didn't look like it would work; taking in price, smell, and application time, it sucks; but it made me a little better. So far, those are the best results I've experienced. So ... it sort of works.

In conclusion, I'd like to say Exorex sucks, but in a pretty decent sort of way. That may just be luck on the manufacturer's behalf, but good for me! Let's pray it keeps me in this state of less flakiness. It's costing me a fortune, but it's really priceless. Sorta. When you don't think what else you could be doing with $120 a month, and all the time it takes to wash your head and slap
the goo on it, it's definitely priceless. It has ... a lot of a peel ...da dun dun. -Somewhat Less Flaky


Ed's Response: I kind-of, sort-of know how you feel. Exorex isn't a specific product I can point to and say "me too," but there are many others about which I feel similarly.

You are fortunately one of those people for whom Exorex is doing at least SOMETHING. Your regard for the product is painted quite well in your letter and needs no embellishment from me!

However, you (and other readers) may find the link at the end of this page interesting. (Also see this month's Briefing.)

I hope you continue to have good luck! -Ed

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