(June/July, 1999)

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from Roger D.

Ed: I've only heard of one other flaker who is a nudist. He is an occasional visitor to my home club, but we have never been there at the same time. I would like to meet him, but etiquette dictates that all I can do is leave my contact information for him and wait to see what happens. The club is not permitted to give out this information, even to other members.

I think you probably have something in the idea of more honest relationship and how that affects my acceptance among nudists [Nudist Flaker]. Because being nude is such an honest presentation it is easy to think other nudists believe from the start I would not threaten their health or safety. In addition, nudists know that everyone entering the grounds has been approved by the owner and/or operator, who will have checked on the condition and verified that it is not a threat to others.

Just as a sidelight, I've found that my P decreases during the months when I can go to camp and increases when I can't. I relate this to reduced stress levels more than anything else. I know your first thought would be "sun exposure," but I am very careful about the amount of direct sunlight I receive.

I want to say, too, that I really enjoy this site and hope it has a long, happy future ahead. -Roger D.

P.S. - A friend of mine who, like you, is not quite ready to shed his clothes to prove any point, was happy to accept a T-shirt I made for him. It states, "Under all these clothes I'm buck naked!" -Roger


Ed's Response: My first thought about your improvement while at nudist camp WOULD HAVE BEEN "sun exposure," but I don't doubt that it can be attributed to reduced stress. Is the improvement immediate, as in "lesions get better while I'm at camp," or is it delayed, as in "a few weeks after I get home my lesions improve"? I ask because, in my experience, there is a delay between stress-trauma and lesion change. If you get better nearly immediately, I would wonder if just losing the physical irritation of wearing clothes has something to do with it?

Anyway, is it camping season, Roger? Do send post cards! -Ed

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