(June/July, 1999)

"Relish Therapy"
from Roland

Ed's Preface: You may or may not remember, I ended my May briefing with these lines and a hyperlink to some photographs of Spring in my vicinity:

Now ... It's May, time for many flakers to be thinking about sunshine. I was last Friday and stole an hour first thing in the morning to go relish some of my favorite spots near where I live. Click here to relish'm with me. Enjoy!

Roland fine-tuned his wit upon discovering my poor word choices and responded with this:


From Roland: I was very interested to read in your recent briefing about "relishing your favorite spots." I've been trying this treatment for two weeks and have had only moderate results. While it is very messy, relish is a hellofalot cheaper than Dovonex. But I think chicks dig it! Since I switched from the tar therapy to relish therapy, they say I smell like a picnic and not like "Highway Repair in July." The hard part is deciding which spots are my favorites. I think I like the one on my shin best because it looks like a topographical map of the badlands of South Dakota in winter.


Ed's Response: What more can be said? Why in the WORLD would I want to be more careful about my word choices if leaving openings like that brings responses like Roland's? I laughed for an hour! -Ed

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