(June/July, 1999)

Now the Tan's Embarrassing
from Jim P.

Day off work today, Eddy. Spending it wisely on the net, and a session on the sun bed to keep mr P in check. I've got to the stage now I'm more embarrassed about the sun bed than mr P. All my mates think I'm a vain trying to keep my tan through the winter. You just cannot win. Enjoy your break. -Jim P.


Ed's Response: I've felt similarly about the shower cap when it's been unavoidably noticed by relative strangers, Jimmy. As the light treatments have never worked for me, I've not enjoyed a problem with an embarrassing unseasonable tan. However, if I had one and people thought it vain, I think I'd lie to them. "I need mr tan for a film part we're shooting in a few weeks. Pain in the arse, really, but what we won't do for art, eh?" -Ed

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