Mail (May, 1998)

Tried: "Another CuredIt!"
from Robert W.

Ed's Preface: The following is in reference to an e-mail posted three months ago about a book that supposedly contained a P cure. To read the initial correspondence, click on the link at the bottom of this file.


Hi Ed: I ordered and got the booklet referenced by another Flake H correspondent. The author of the booklet starts off by stating that his system worked for him, but it may not for everyone. Fair enough.

The book also details some of the treatments the author has tried, and whether he had any success.

In short the Author of the booklet recommends taking massive amounts of zinc as "his" way of curing psoriasis. Roughly 10mg of zinc per 10 lbs of body weight. He cautioned that this amount of zinc could cause nausea. Further research on my part revealed maximum daily dosages of zinc should not exceed 500mg.

Taking care to avoid the 500 mg limit, I proceeded to try this treatment. I started with 3 doses of 60 mg and had little problem besides mild nausea. I then moved up to the author's recommended dose which, in my case, is 270mg split into three doses a day.

Aside from significant nausea, after 3 months I could find no benefits from all that zinc. It seems to have worked for the author, maybe it will work for others.

A side note: The author also recommended a zinc cream, much like skiers use under their eyes. I found a fair size tube of zinc cream to at least provide some relief if no actual reduction of the P.

I hope this info is of some use to the people who read it. But the fact is that something that works for one frequently doesn't work for all. Its up to you to see what works for you—and to determine if its worth it to you. -Robert W.


Ed's Response: Thanks for the report, Robert. Sorry you didn't have better luck. Zinc as a P palliative, both externally and internally, is something I had heard about before. I think what you've run across is another example of something working to combat psoriasis indirectly. For the author of the booklet, zinc obviously had a beneficial affect on whatever triggered his psoriasis; but, while the symptoms of P may be common for all of us, the triggers appear to be different things for different people. Therefore, one person's "trigger lock" may be not much of anything to another person.

Imagine you woke up some morning and couldn't remember your name. You ask the person next to you, "Do YOU know my name?" The person says, "Yes, certainly." "What is it?" you ask. "I tell you what," the knowledgeable person counters, "you start naming names and I'll tell you if they are NOT your name." Can you imagine that? You've just scripted Kafka's tale of the psoriatic in search of a cure. -Ed

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