Mail (May, 1998)

Punk Reactions from Down Under
from El G.

Hi Ed: Love the Flake page, thought I'd send you a proper mail with some real juice on my devilish career as a spotty vigilante. Like others that have mailed the site, I also do wear t-shirts and short skirts no matter what my skin looks like (I live in Australia for God's sake—Sydney has been bloody hot this summer!).

I'm very fond of the "It's contagious" reply. Works a treat, specially with little old ladies on the bus who are trying to tell me about the rash their dogs have (don't laugh, this really happened!).

A new one I have at the moment is that "I was attacked by a large octupus at Bondi" or "the colloquial name is 'none of your f——ing business.'" But seriously, I've had the severe flakeorama since I was 19. I'm now 26. No remission, occasional few months of relief if I am on bulk Methotrexate or Cyclosporin or after a few weeks in hospital.

About the bedside manner thing, last hospital trip, I reduced a derm resident to tears. I told her she had the bedside manner of a pig (and a few other things that I probably shouldn't have said) and got a reprimand from the head guy there. I told him that her communication problems are not my problems so she could just deal with it. But most of the derms, especially dear Dr. W. (who must be at least 60, yet deals with my punk hair and mad lifestyle quite well), are caring and compassionate and best of all THEY TELL ME THE TRUTH!!! You know, not the bullshit about "this new drug, ointment, lotion, pill, injection, light, will fix your skin forever."

I am on Tegason at the moment—got fab clearance over the summer from it, couldn't have been the sun, I was working too much to get outside!

The baby thing is a bit of a worry but I am not married or anything so I am prepared to put all this off for a while.

Reading that post from the lady who went to India was a blast—what a strong woman—much care sent to her from me. [See link at end of file.]

So keep up the fight against the hippy veggie loving stress reducing cure-your-psoriasis-in-30 days shitheads! Take care, -El G.


Ed's Response: Well, El ... You lend new meaning to the expression "hardened resolve." Am glad the Tegason is working for you, El; it's one of those systemics I've shied from, but had I faced the option when I was 26, my decisions might have been different.

I would like to say, for the benefit of all readers, that I am in no way combative towards the hippy veggie loving stress reducing cure-your-psoriasis-in-30-days shitheads. I'm pro-diversity and think shitheads of all ilks make life interesting.

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