Mail (May, 1998)

Is Skin Cap Back in the UK?
from Ian C.

Good Afternoon Ed: I have read lately that there is a new skin-cap product on the market in the UK. Do you know anything about it and is it as good as the old one?

By the way I have tried getting in touch with the company that makes Temovate [Glaxo Wellcome] with no success at all. They will not return my phone calls or my e-mail.

Regards and have a good one. -Ian C., Ottawa, Canada


Ed's Response: I've not heard about any Skin-Cap, or Skin-Cap knock-off , in the UK. Has anyone? You might want to post your question on the newsgroup ( and check the archives there. I would imagine, if it exists, it's been mentioned there.

Several months ago, in my "Briefing" here at Flake HQ, I encouraged people who liked Skin-Cap to e-mail Glaxo and suggest a "legal" prescription-version of spray-on Temovate. Several people e-mailed back saying they had done so. As far as I know, no one asked for a reply. I am not surprised that you did not get one, Ian. In the U.S., pharmaceutical companies who know what's good for them don't cotton to unsolicited communications with the end user. Such could be construed as ganging up on the docs. Every magazine or TV ad for a prescription product is a public relations challenge and probably involves as much diplomacy as the original NATO alliance. The only way I've EVER been able to get good information out of a pharmaceutical company was to take out a drug rep (salesman servicing doctors) and get him or her drunk. That done, information flowed freely, but reliability was questionable. -Ed

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