Mail (May, 1998)

Multiple Skin Rots
from Ron B.

Dear Ed: I had written you last month about my recent diagnosis of 'Dyshidrotic Excema'. This is a rare form of excema that affects between your fingers and the soles of your feet. It is described in the literature as looking like 'Tapioca' as it starts to flare. Then it get's really dry and cracks. I'm talking CRACKS, looks like little mouths screaming at me ("Itch me, itch me!"). It looks a lot like a bad patch of P. It's fun to itch between your fingers when you are trying to talk to someone. You look like a madman, scheming something evil. Anyway, I've had P for 12 years, and its bad enough without this newest addition to the skin disorder family. I was just wondering if you have heard of others that have been multi-skin-disorder-screwed, like myself. One thing I use for this is U-Lactin, similar to Lachydrin (spelling?). It's basically like a heavy-duty moisturizer that works much better than your typical hand creams. It's used for Psoriasis as well. Bonus. My sister-in-law gets it for free for me, (she works for an allergist), so I'm not sure how much it costs. Enjoy the coming of the sun. Let's get out there and bake flakes. Peace and Pruritus-Free Pleasure (Pruritus means itching, medically, oooooooh!) -Ron B.


Ed's Reply to Ron: Thanks for the follow-up, Ron.... Yeah, I've heard of people with multiple skin rots. Me, for one. It's been so long since a doctor has addressed the litany of rashes (the P seems to dwarf the other ailments) that I can't remember and didn't record all the Latin Names for the other crud. Your description of the hand itching while you are trying to talk to someone—"like a madman, scheming something evil"—is priceless. Thanks! -Ed


Ron's Reply to Ed: Sad to hear you have 'multiples' in the icky skin department too. I've been
using Lidex-E on it (picked it out of a book my Doctor had), and I'm not sure if it is truly doing anything or not, because it comes and goes much much quicker than your friend and mine. I actually had one of the women on my team say to me, "I hate your hands." My response was, "Well, that's nice, thank you." She is from the Philippines and has a little problem with the language, so when she realized I was a little shocked at such a statement, she paraphrased by saying she felt sorry for me, and hated that I was suffering. I said "Thanks, but for the record, I hate my hands too." She smiled, I scratched, life was perfect again.

I'm going to get your book Ed, but it's midnight and I just got off a 16 hour hell shift, so sometime in the near future I'll send off for it. I look forward to it. The excerpts from your web site were fantastic.

Now I just have to figure out how I can get pregnant (might be tough without the womb thing) so I can have a few months of remission. Peace. -Ron B.

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