Mail (May, 1998)

About Hearing Loss & Other Stuff
from Chris E.

Ed: I just found your web site and I really enjoy the less than gung ho attitude. I have been suffering from P for about 13 years. One of the first places It showed up is on my penis (first diagnosis was yeast infection) great for relations as a 18 year old.

Since then it has slowly progressed to cover about 30% of my body but my special friend has cleared and remained so for most of the time (thank the powers). I read the letter about symmetry of P & I have noticed it seems very symmetrical in my case, both thighs, knees, elbows, etc. [Score one the Nat's Effect! See link at bottom of file. -Ed]

One thing I have noticed is that skin trauma seems to bring on an outburst. I have had to switch to an electric razor from a safety razor (blade). it was aggravating facial lesions. My face has cleared up greatly since.

FIGHT THE ITCH! It seems if I can leave a lesion alone it clears of it's own accord. After a recent car wreck I had an air-bag abrasion on my wrist that has since turned into a new patch. I'd say 60% of the time I break my skin it transforms into P. I Have heard that there is a link between P and immune system problems and I begin to feel there is a lot to this.

Allergies, arthritis, asthma ... there seems to be a link. On the bright side I don't usually catch the normal colds and flues that every one around me catches. I wonder how much an overactive immune system could have to do with THAT? (Note: Stress affects the immune system greatly).

On a side note, have you heard of any hearing loss as a result of P? I have a patch on the entry of both ear canals and worry about It spreading down the canal and damaging my hearing.

Thanks for the friendly face in a world of lousy doctors who think the cure for all is over medication. -Chris E.


Ed's Response: Whoa Buck! What a rotten place for P to start out! I've got it there, too, but am glad it didn't START there. I would have been suicidal....

Ed: "What is it, Doc?" (Thinking it's a "love bug" from some recent indiscretion, requiring a shot or something.)

Doc: "It's psoriasis and it's incurable."

Ed: "Do you have Dr. Kevorkian's phone number? I'd like a second opinion."

Your link between skin trauma and new lesions is well documented; it's called the Koebner Phenomenon. It's as though once your skin knows it has something to battle about (a wound) it doesn't know when to stop. I often wonder: To us, whatever causes psoriasis is bad. But if they could bottle it and use it discriminately, could it help severe burn patients replace damaged skin faster?

When my derm located psoriasis activity in my ears I think he was mostly concerned about hygene (but I may be wrong). If I remember my ear anatomy, all the delicate moving parts are on the inside of the barrier ear drum. Hopefully this places them in a different kind of tissue. But that doesn't provide much comfort, considering psoriatic arthritis occurs in a different kind of tissue, too. Has anyone else heard of psoriasis affecting hearing? -Ed

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