Mail (May, 1998)

No Nightshades and Gilds Ointment
from Christine

Ed: What has worked for me is avoiding the nightshade family (tomato, potato, pepper, eggplant and tobacco, especially tomato) and the Gilds Ointment from Wit Distribution, 800-933-2084. It doesn't cure but helps outbreaks. Thanks for a good site. -Christine


Ed's Response: Thanks for sharing, Christine. Tomatoes seem to give lots of people lots of different kinds of problems. My mother was very allergic to them until she had me. (Hmmmmm.) I'd be in trouble diet-wise if it were determined tomatoes were a trigger for my P.

Here's a piece of tomato trivia for you. Do you know what product uses the WORST of the annual tomato crop in the U.S.? (Tomato and tomato-based products are used in so many products ... I bet you can't imagine which product purposely looks for the worst, hence the cheapest, of the annual crop! Here's a clue: Consider only food products for which tomatoes are the main ingredient.)

I'm unfamiliar with Gilds Ointment, but am happy to add it to the arsenal. -Ed

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