Mail (May, 1998)

Over achieving Skin Production
from Brenda

Hey Ed: I, too, am one of the latest to discover your website! What a great place to surf. I just had to go out to the Derm pages and look at the photos [from last month's briefing, see "Other Places" for link]. It really made me feel thankful that mine are still small. I inherited this from my father's side and have been dealing with it for 18 years.

I didn't even get to use the Skin-Cap stuff because I got fed up with the hype about cures years ago. I usually just try to maintain its present state. Until recently. I gave blood right before Christmas for the first time in my life and now I have exploded into spots. I look like a Dalmatian. I even have a spot exactly where they drew the blood. No more donating for me! I wanted to know if you/your readers had heard of this before?

I also want to add my classic remark when someone asks for an explanation of P. I tell them I am an "over achiever" when it comes to producing skin!

The best thing I try to do is act as if I don't have it. Just today a co-worker looked at my P and said, "You've got THAT and yet you are still so happy?" P.A. helps!

Thanks for giving us a place to chat. -Brenda


Ed's Response: I remember having a lot of explaining to do every time I gave blood, but thank goodness the needles didn't cause spots on me! Any skin trauma can cause something called the Koebner Phenomenon (create a lesion), but I haven't heard of needles doing it, before. (Which is a good thing, as I take 3 shots of insulin a day!) Maybe your reaction was stress-related. Or your skin didn't like the swab stuff they used to sterilize the site before jabbing you. (Or maybe they took out too much blood and your immune system went bananas....) Anybody else had flare-ups after giving blood?

I have a question for you, Brenda. Do you think your ability to maintain a positive mental attitude (PMA) has anything to do with your father? You mentioned you inherited P from your father's side. Did he have it, other people in his family? From time to time, here at Flake HQ, I hear from people who have relatives with P and it seems if they were a positive role model, my correspondents have better PMA. I know I get much more depressing correspondence from Ps whose childhoods were absent anyone who understood.

I like your comment as to why you have P, that you are "an overachiever when it comes to producing skin." May I borrow it? -Ed

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