P of the Mouth
by Joan

Hi there! I have P of the mouth. It used to come and go, now it just comes! My mouth is permanently raw and I only use children's strawberry toothpaste. Even mild mints and a choc. every now and then burns like hell. Has anyone had success with this or tried any form of cancer therapy for their P (irrespective of where it is as I have come to realize I am the only one with P of the mouth, so I am feeling all alone in the P world!)? On second thought, I consider myself lucky as no one knows about it, so I don't get stares and no one dashes out of the pool! But, believe me, it is sure difficult keeping your mouth fresh without using anything with a minty taste! Cheers, -Joan


Ed's Response:

Dear Joan: Don't feel too lonely. Some National Psoriasis Foundation literature does talk about psoriasis of the mouth (gums, cheek linings). I've thought I had it a time or two myself (hell, why not? it comes and goes everywhere else!). Having it perpetually, on the other hand, has got to be more than annoying.

I'll toss your question about cancer therapies to other FLAKE HQ visitors. I know there are many cancer therapies (as there are many cancers), but I've yet to come into contact with anyone undergoing any of them that found their therapy easy to live with. Most would trade flaking for cancer therapy in a heartbeat.

I think your condition would drive me to reconsider a systemic regimen (e.g., Methotrexate). Currently I refuse any treatment known to have adverse affects on internal organs. (Years of too much social rebellion have left my liver permanently traumatized. Put another way, when I die embalming fluid will be redundant. Now I'm in that period of middle-aged abstinence when you pray it's not too late....)

Anyway, have you talked to your derm about a systemic? If you've led a more cautious life than me, the potential drawbacks may be worth the risk. Then again, having a painful mouth must moderate its use somewhat. No? And that might mean over-eating is a problem you never have to worry about! -Ed

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