Advice for Pittsburgh
by Ira-Jane Wilton

Dear Ed: I enjoyed you "April '97" response to "Piqued in Pittsburgh," especially the part about turn ON, OFF or INDIFFERENT. Here's what I think this 23 year-old should do in the future: (1) Let his date know early on in the relationship, say by the 3rd or 4th date, that he has psoriasis, so that he doesn't invest so much time if the other person can't accept this aspect of his life. (2) I think psoriasis is still hereditary in 60% of the cases, so that someone you date needs to know this problem much earlier than he shared it. Maybe he could just allow the lesions to be visible at some point in time and that would "tell" a lot. (3) I think he will need to do a bit more accepting of the problem himself. Psoriasis for the most part doesn't really like to go away!

My best cure [remedy] is the sun in conjunction with various creams and rest. I didn't like intralesion steroid injections at all. I think they should be banned. I found the needles painful and the lesions would clear for two weeks, then worsen for one week, and then I'd get the needles again. I was getting them on my arms and forehead. Ouch! Been there, done that, won't ever do it again!
-Ira-Jane Wilton

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