P & Obscured Vision
by BJ Tremblay

Hi Ed: Enjoyed your homepage, good way to handle the subject. I have had this for years, on my face and scalp, and it has given me an unusual problem. It affects my eyesight. How can you see through your glasses when they are covered in flakes from your forehead. I need some wipers to swish them off. Secondly when I get them clear, the itch is in the eyelids, along the eyelashes. I am contunally rubbing them, the back of my finger hits the lense, and there go my glasses again. Do you have any suggestions? I cannot see without the glasses. HEEELLLPPP! -BJ Tremblay


Ed's Response:

Dear BJ: I, like you, am glasses-dependent (bifocals, no less) and tend to have a flaky head/face problem. My derms and I have found the face/head lesions exceptionally responsive to mild topical corticosteroid creams–in particular, Westcort® Cream (0.2%, Westwood Squibb™). I've been using this for over five years and, so long as the applications are at least once a day, have had very little problem. Unlike my other lesions, to keep the face lesions clear I have to apply the cream EVERY DAY, whether or not the lesions are visible. This includes a super-fine application to the eyebrows/lids. In fact, when I'm clear I use extremely little cream, but still daily. I'm told any corticosteroid topical might thin the skin if overused and this can be serious on body places where skin is thin already. Also, getting the cream in your eyes is a no-no. So, finding the right amount to use, and right frequency of application, is tricky but worth it. One thing's for certain. You don't want to have to explain to the patrolman that you rammed into the school bus because your eyeglasses were obscured by flakes! Good luck. -Ed

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