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Colloidal Silver for P?
from Debbie H.

Hi Ed: Just curious if you have ever heard of colloidal silver?  A friend said it would be helpful for my cat's skin sores. I googled colloidal silver and it sounds like it might be helpful for psoriasis, too. I looked at the list of archives and didn't see it. Has it been mentioned on PsorChat ?  -Debbie H.


Ed’s Response:  No reference to colloidal silver at FlakeHQ — until now.  I searched all posts at PsorChat and found one thread from 2003 that contained a reference to colloidal silver as a “preservative” used in a product called Biolanyn (an OTC not recommended specifically for psoriasis). 

I, too, googled colloidal silver and after scanning a few of the many entries definitely got the feeling it’s one of those substances that are “good for everything” <tongue in cheek>. I typically stay away from such stuff.  One VERY INTERESTING video on the subject at YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahihGKZC5Kk

If anyone else has experience using colloidal silver for P, please let us know.  -Ed

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