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Johnson’s Baby Oil – Our Secret
from David C.

I am currently possessed by the dreaded “UV Itch” demon. This has happened to me once before over my entire body, which was a horrible nightmare I would not wish upon my worst enemy. This time, however, since most of my problem is with my lower legs, I tried concentrating the narrow wave UVB to that area by partially covering my upper body.  Luckily the problem is confined to my lower legs.

I would like to share something that currently works for me; Johnson’s Baby Oil (by Johnson & Johnson). Applied very liberally, it works great but only as long as it stays wet. Unfortunately, it is quickly absorbed by most fabrics, so any contact with clothes or bedding quickly neutralizes its effect. It's far from perfect, but if you can get just a couple of hours of relief and rest from the itching, I think it is definitely worth it. –David


Ed’s Response:  Ah David! I thought Johnson's Baby Oil as an itch palliative was MY secret. My experience has been the same as yours with this wonderful product. It is one of the few things I can count on to relieve my itch from flexural (or inverse) P.  There are other lotions that do the trick, but they come with longer lists of ingredients that frequently cause unpleasant side effects for me after prolonged use (especially hydrocortisone). Fortunately, I haven’t noticed the itch relief ending the minute the oil is absorbed — but that could be because I use it in places that are naturally moist; i.e., skin folds.

Right now my only plaque lesion is on my right calf and I’m NOT using the JBO there. That is a recalcitrant, 15 year old lesion that must be scratched and refuses to be palliated by anything. But I’m glad your UV-aggravated lower leg lesions are getting the benefit.

Thanks for the tip.  –Ed

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