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Must I Stop Injecting Raptiva When I Get A Cold?
from Tom V.

Hi, Ed: I recently found your website and find encouragement in much of what you write and post.  I’ve had psoriasis for about 7 years (I'm 58) and it seems to get worse each year.  I’ve tried all the usual stuff, with poor results, and my dermatologist has now put me on Raptiva.  Unfortunately, I had a bad “cold” about 3 weeks ago, so I put off starting the Raptiva. I just had my self-injection lesson and conditioning dose last Thursday and am hopeful this might just work. I still have some respiratory distress (coughing, etc.) and my wife insists I see the Doc. She's right and I'm going tomorrow. I will tell him I just started the Raptiva — I hope he does not say to stop. Any thoughts?

By the way, this is the time of year I have come to hate.  Everyone is in shorts and tees and I’m walking around in long sleeves and pants. It's uncomfortable, but it beats the stares, questions, and assumptions that I am spreading some highly contagious flesh-eating bacteria.

Thanks for providing a place to sound off. –Tom V.


Ed’s Response: Thanks for writing, Tom. I hope you are doing well with the Raptiva. Let us know.

Regarding the necessity to stop taking a biologic if you have a cold (or other infection): I’ve had to do this a number of times, but always resume as soon as I start to feel better. (I even took my Humira up to one week before I had open heart surgery — for which infection is a MAJOR concern — and resumed within three weeks after the surgery.) So don’t think of a pause in use of a biologic to get over an infection as a complete “show stopper.” Think of it as a hiatus; then get well quick and get back on the biologic. 

With luck Raptiva, or some other biologic, will clear you. Then you’ll have to buy some short-sleeve T’s. I wore my first short sleeves since about 1992 last summer (2007) and am wearing them again this summer. Now when people look at my pale arms and say, “Ed, you need to get more sun,” I want to kiss them.  -Ed

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