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Greetings from an Old Friend
from Ria

Hello Ed and flakers all!  I see that March & April brought mail from people who are just finding your fabulous FlakeHQ site — and I’m glad they did. As they read through the various postings and articles, along with your kind, caring, informed responses, I know they will start to look forward. There IS hope! We CAN, and we DO, deal with our irksome, distressing skin.

I found that I was my own worst enemy when it came to the “disgusting” looks from other people. Basically, I was grossed out by my own flaking skin, disgusted by the way it kept getting worse. I treated my skin as something separate from myself. Then, I projected those feelings onto other people, telling myself that they were thinking even worse about me. Obviously, we just don’t know what others are thinking about us. As I was growing up, my mother always told my brothers, sister and myself that usually other people are thinking about themselves and what people were thinking about them! It’s a good lesson to remember when we’re feeling particularly yucky with our P. 

I’ve now been using Enbrel for two and a half years (thank God for an insurance company that understands!). 

After two years, I found spots were coming back in all the usual places. I stopped taking my weekly shots, kept the medicine in the fridge, and then did twice weekly shots for a month. “Pulsing” the med that way has worked, and my skin is again clear. My skin is clear!! God, it feels good to say that. I know Enbrel doesn’t work for everyone, and the list of possible side effects is frightening, but for me, so far, so good.

Well Ed, thanks for letting me babble on for a bit.  I hope you find respite from your aches and problems along the way. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again — we flakers are so fortunate to have you on our side, working so hard for the benefit of flakers everywhere.

Think of those poor non-flakers out there, they don’t get to share themselves they way we P-folk do! (It’s okay for you to giggle at that.) –Ria


Ed’s Response: Always great to hear from you, Ria (other readers, next time you’re looking at the FlakeHQ home page, note the tag line that Ria gave us years ago Psoriatics — Sharing a little of ourselves everywhere we go).

And I’m EXTRA happy to hear about your great results from Enbrel. Having to “pulse” occasionally doesn’t sound like a bad trade for most-of-the-time clear skin.

I’ve been thinking about your mother’s wise observation that usually other people are thinking more about themselves than they are about you. I hadn’t thought about it before, but really all we have to do to realize the truth in that is consider ourselves. (I know, the rhetoric gets viciously circular fast, so don’t dwell on it too long.) It occurred to me there’s got to be a good one-liner deriving out of that observation. How about this one: Next time a stranger notices my psoriasis and insists on knowing “Why do you have it?” after I’ve already told them what it is, I’ll say, “I have it so — even if just for a moment — you have something else to talk about besides yourself.”  <wink>

Stay in touch, Ria.  -Ed

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