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Still crazy after all these years
from Hazel S.

Hi Ed et al: Gosh, it's so many years since I last e-mailed you, 2000 I think, and much has happened. Divorce, move back to the UK, friends and family passing away, new jobs, living with my Father again, oodles of stress and many many flare ups of increasingly monstrous proportions.

That's the bad news over and done with.

I am now on Remicade, I have beautifully smooth skin.  My sorry bottom is a thing of the past and, thanks ironically to a short blip in my liver test results resulting in a scan, I know that all my internal organs are quite fine.

I have to admit that worrying about what was wrong with my liver did bring out an exceptionally fast and violent flare up but the Remicade soon sorted it out.

So that's the good news.

I haven't written mainly because with the plethora of events (few of them good) I sort of lost my sense of humour for a while. I continued to read what people were talking about and found the mail on Remicade very helpful when I was deciding if I should go down that path, having exhausted everything else.

However It is coming back, the sense of humour that is. It is great to know that many other people with PA or just P have also found humour in this (most of the time). Some of us meet every 8 weeks to have our infusion of Remicade in the same ward at the local hospital as those having Chemo therapy which sort of puts things well into perspective.

So Ed, if you'll have me back in the fold I promise to try and make you laugh.

Keep well all. –Hazel S.


Ed’s Response:  Oh, dear Hazel, welcome back! You HAVE been missed.  (Dear Readers: search on “Hazel” from the home page for an informative and often funny list of correspondence. But start here with Hazel’s Sorry Bottom piece, which is a true classic at FlakeHQ.)

Do you miss South Africa? How difficult was it for you to move from a nationalized medical program in SA to your current program in England? What hoops did you have to jump through to get a Remicade prescription? (Sorry for all the questions.  It’s what you get for being gone so long!)

Glad to hear Remicade is working well for you. It may be my next stop, if and when Humira grows tiresome and less effective. -Ed

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