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Remicade Working Well and Fast
from Patricia R.

Hi, Ed:  Just wanted to send a quick report of my results on Remicade.  I started Remicade 4 weeks ago (with Methotrexate 2.5mg x 5 pills week).  In just 2 days I noticed an improvement in my P-arthritis and skin.  The lesions were flatter and pink. The inverse psoriasis has almost completely gone away. The arthritis in my hands has improved dramatically.  I seem to have more energy.  I do notice that for a day or two after the infusion I have a slight sore throat, but not bad.  The doctor gives me an infusion of Benadryl and some kind of steroid before the Remicade because of my history with hives and asthma.  That takes one hour.  Then the Remicade takes another two hours. 

Yesterday I had my second infusion (2 weeks from the 1st. one).  I continue to get better.  I will have my next infusion in 4 weeks, then 6 weeks, then 8 weeks.  I can’t believe how quickly this has worked.  The Enbrel did not work this fast.  When I started Enbrel I did not improve right away.  After an initial period of three weeks, the doctor doubled the dosage.  Over the last six months, however, the Enbrel failed.  I don’t know why — it just stopped working.  And that was at 50mg twice a week.

The only downside to the Remicade is the time spent having the infusion.  But to me it’s worth every minute.  I have to go to a hematologist at a local hospital near me (cancer center).  But I like the doctors and the nurses. 

Take care and I will keep you informed of my progress.  -Patricia R.


Ed’s Response:  Good news, Pat.  And timely, too, since I’m ranting about Centocor’s ad tactics in this update.  Between you and “Itchy,” in New York, hopefully the good news about Remicade outweighs the dark shadow over its manufacturer’s ad practice, and Itchy's current worrisome bout of coughing (see her email).  -Ed

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