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Whole Family Has P (Maybe)
from Francesca

Hi Ed!  I just happened to locate your site when trying to find information about Psoriasis.  I believe wholeheartedly that my husband, myself, and my 4 year old daughter are suffering from this ailment.  I have been back and forth to derms who really don't tell me how to fix the problem, only keep prescribing Nizoral, which does not work. My poor daughter just had a lesion appear on her scalp last week and I have been trying my best to clear it up for her, because as you well know, the itch is driving her nuts!   Is there any information that you have that suggests that P can be passed on to others?  I don't believe my husband was afflicted until I came in the picture. 

What are some of the best remedies you know of to clear P of the scalp?

Thanks for any information, -Francesca


Ed’s Response: P can't be transmitted to another person as it is a problem with one's internal immune system operation.  The propensity to HAVE P, on the other hand, can be inherited and, if you know you are psoriatic it would come as no surprise that your daughter is.  Since your husband didn't get it from you or your daughter, if indeed he has P it was probably triggered late.  Any of a million things could have triggered his P including illness, environmental conditions and climate.  On the other hand, your husband may also have any of a number of "dermatitises" that look like P.

Most of the drugs that work well for scalp P require a prescription.  One of the most popular at this time is Olux Foam (clobetasol propionate).  Once scalp lesions are under control, many people find using a high-concentration coal tar shampoo will keep it that way.  Eucerin T-Gel Extra Strength and Pentrax shampoos are popular among flakers.  Very stubborn scalp P — with very thick, crusty lesions — may require even tougher regimens.  Occluding one of the scalp medications overnight under a shower cap is one of these — but is rarely recommended for children.  Eucerin makes an overnight scalp treatment, too.

You may want to try to find a derm who treats many psoriatics with a variety of treatments.  The National Psoriasis Foundation can help you find one. 

Best of luck to you all!  -Ed

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