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On Tea Tree Oil, Pranic Healing and More
from Manuela V.

Dear Ed, I stumbled into your website a few days ago.

I am a 5-year scalp-Psoriatic.... not long compared to most of the people here I guess :)  During this period I've (only) tried coal tar shampoo, and Diprosalic.  None worked satisfyingly.

I know for sure my problem is P because I was over stressed. I was in France at that time during a student exchange, and I had to live with about 10 different families in a year. They were all nice, but somehow the adjustments I made stressed me nonetheless.

If I think about it, it could've been food or climate (I live in Indonesia now), but my gut feeling tells me that it was psychological.  And the P does get worse whenever I have negative emotional waves, especially when worrying.

Anyway, after reading the archives randomly (and I must tell you that your website does millions of good, God bless you), I decided to shop for tea tree oil and other homeopathic remedies about which I read.

The first thing that came to mind was to search those things in The Body Shop. (No intended promotion whatsoever I assure you.) I decided on a tiny bottle of diluted all-purpose Tea Tree Oil and a Manuka Anti-Dandruff shampoo, which contains manuka, tea tree, and thyme oil "for sensitive/flaky scalp," it said.

I got home, and being curious, I applied the tea tree oil liberally on the affected scalp without ado and realizing too late that I already finished about one-third of the bottle and my whole head smells like an aromatherapy shop! But it wasn't bad though, and afterwards there's a light, friendly tingling sensation that assured me I wasn't going on the wrong direction.

I intended to wash my hair that evening, but I didn't. I kept my head like that until night, and as I was working in front of my computer I felt the itching come.  I read in your archives that the first step to be free of P is to "get Thee behind me, Scratching," and I tried hard not to touch that scalp.

Having my concentration focused on that, I stopped working and arranged myself in a meditation pose: legs crossed on my work chair, palms upward on my knees, straight back, deep breathing ... and closed my eyes.  I imagined a great big (gigantic) sphere of light rotating clock-wise above my head, I envisioned this sphere to be sucking all the itch and psoriasis and crushing this negative element with the power of its blinding light.

During this, I realized that the itch really POURED OUT! Poured out, because I FEEL the itch THERE, but there really is a sensation that it's pouring out, exhausting itself out of my body. And the urge to itch was completely under control. This was a wonderful feeling.

I spent about twenty minutes doing this, until I felt a deep peaceful feeling inside and I started to get really drowsy. Afterwards, I kept working about four hours more (I guess the drowsiness didn't make me forget my deadline!) and went to sleep, waking up this morning enthused to write this e-mail.

I went through a totally hectic day, until I had some peace at last about four in the afternoon. I got home, and tried the shampoo. Contrary to my expectations, the shampoo was quite user-friendly (it makes enough bubbles — I somehow like the presence of foaming shampoo, I hate shampoos that just disappear into your hair because I don't know when to stop adding some more!) even though it was made from those natural ingredients.

Then I dried my hair, and applied (lightly this time) the tea tree oil.  I found that, as I touched the spots, the P was ALMOST AS FLAT AS THE REST OF THE SCALP! Well, I was so happy that I was considering using tea tree oil for the rest of my life, or the shampoo, or both....  But I don't know for sure whether it was the meditation or the medicine.

But I just want to share this with your readers:  There is also the option of spiritual healing too, for those who believe (well, it sure helps lighten emotional scruples), especially for psoriatics whose P is triggered by stress.

I recommend pranic healing, you can look it up with the key words "prana," "pranic," and I'm sure you'll get plenty of results.  “Reiki" I heard is quite effective, too.

As for the diets I've read in your archive, I truly think that it deprives me of the eating pleasures I have (left). I'm a not-so-strict vegetarian.  I eat dairy products, especially cheese and yoghurt, and I do eat fish and prawns once in a while. I eat eggs, too.  I eat fried foods, a lot of soy in many forms (there's a lot of variety of it in Indonesian dishes). I only stay totally away from red meat and chicken.  I love berries, oranges and the like.  I think fruits are the joy of vegetarianism :) and I can't bear to part with those.  So I guess I'm not the dieting type.

Well, I just wanted to share this experience because it might do someone else some good out there. The results of a flattened scalp is more joy than I can handle alone :) and just overnight, too!

I wish you all good luck and health, and I really do appreciate the existence of websites like this that really encourage flakers to not give up hope. It sure has inspired ME.

Thanks to all, -Manuela V.


Ed’s Response:  Thank you, Manuela.  State of mind certainly is a factor.  I don’t think anybody argues about that.  It’s a factor in how and why we get the disease (or manifest it when we’re genetically predisposed).  It’s also a factor in how we handle the disease: whether and how much our various therapeutic regimens work for us.  It’s a factor in why FlakeHQ.com exists!  The site was created to encourage humor, compassion, and storytelling, all of which I believe are key ingredients to a “healing state of mind.”

You say you are not certain what helped flatten your scalp plaques overnight — the medicine or the meditation.  Why of course it was both!  Using meditation to abate the itch is similar to dozens of practices for using the mind to control pain, learn more, recall more, think clearer....  People who survive with painful or debilitating chronic conditions all learn — consciously or subconsciously — some form of mental intervention over their pain or disability. 

Thanks for reminding us that how we wrap our minds around our disease and its treatments is an important contributing factor to our long term prognosis!  -Ed

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