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Kalawalla Any Better than Immune System Food Supplements?
from Dan W.

Hello Ed:  I wanted to ask if some other flakers have responded back to you after giving Kalawalla a try. Seems that the Susan G. had some success with it.  I was wondering if we have a track record/better handle on this stuff yet, since her original update back in 2002.  Its seems to be an immunoregulator much like the product Moducare, which didn't do anything for me and my P.  But maybe this one is different (shoulder shrug).

After 20+ years of dealing with P, my best results come from narrowband UVB, and systematic under eating.  When I do the lemonade fast called ‘master cleanse,’ after 30 days the P has really retreated, and the redness is very much better, even in my groin and armpit area, which are normally tough to deal with.  But of course we can't live on lemonade for life.  But what my experiment may prove is that there is something to the acid/alkaline theory, as the root cause of the immune system’s hyper response — or maybe it just involved taking the “stress” off my digestive systems for a month, to help regulate the immune responses.  The jury is still out on that one. :-)

Anyway, just wanted to see if you had gotten any emails from other P sufferers who have tried Kalawalla, or maybe you have tried it yourself.

Wish you the best.  -Dan W.


Ed’s Response:  Checkout She’s Responding with Kalawalla as Part of Her Regimen from Francis S. in this month’s mail. 

This site (http://www.rain-tree.com/samambia.htm) calls the plant an “immunomodulatory,” which I suppose is the same thing as an immunoregulator.  As others try this herb for their P I hope they will share their experience with all of us.  And if you try it, Dan, you let us know, too.  Ok?  -Ed

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