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She’s Responding with Kalawalla a Part of Her Regimen
from Francis S.

Backstory:  Finding Kalawalla

Hello Ed:  Francis Sherlock from Australia again.  Just a short update with the Kalawalla treatment.  Now 2.5 months and whether it is the Kalawalla alone or everything combined that I am doing, my skin is still steadily improving.  The psoriasis patches are literally drying up from the centers outward, very impressive.  Now, even the outer rings are breaking up, so looking good.  My skin has never improved like this in 52 years, even with the medical treatments of years ago.

When mixing essential oils to my base natural ointments, I also add aloe vera gel, pure evening primrose oil, unrefined honey (important because of its antibacterial and high hydrogen peroxide content), pure vitamin E oil, hydrogen peroxide.  One side of my body is treated with a base cream mainly of emu oil, whilst the other side has an Australian herb-based ointment with additions.  At present, I really can't say either side of the body is better than the other.  I also firmly believe the skin needs essential oils to help repair where the patches have been.

I have had no side effects from the Kalawalla.  At present, I strongly believe all this treatment is finally working in the right areas.  From literature I have read, most sufferers, if not all, are lacking omega oils and in their right proportion.  Leaky gut syndrome I believe is strongly implicated with sufferers and for this I have been taking slippery elm powder, have been doing this for a couple of years now.  In this time and along with the Zone method of eating, my stomach has dramatically improved to a point where probably I now do not have any signs of leaky gut, bloating etc..

I have added  6 grams of fish oil and 1 zinc tablet per day.  The reason for 6 grams fish oil — researched internet for information and used my own thoughts to dosage — will adjust as time goes on.  There has been quite a speed up with improvement since I started the fish oil, but once again, this is all part of what I believe is right for me.  Zinc, because I know it is important to psoriasis sufferers and again, I think most people are probably lacking in this area.

It might sound rather complicated, but I don't see it like that.  After reading Dr. Barry Sears book The Omega RX Zone I now understand things far better.

I hope this may bring some hope to sufferers.  I guess my improvement, since I first started is some 30 per cent.  As I have had psoriasis for 52 years, I guess it will take time and I must be patient.  Hopefully, next summer, I can go shopping in dresses with clean skin.  The weather here has now cooled down, which is giving the immune system a help.  Excessive heat, like I came into in February this year took its toll on me.

In my case, I am reasonably sure why my body developed psoriasis in the first place and after doing a lot of research over the years, I think I can understand why it has lasted on my body this long.  It is a debilitating affliction, but there is always hope that some treatment somewhere will make a lifestyle difference.

Unfortunately, the medical profession would probably not agree with me, but they have not really answered why we have psoriasis and they certainly have not cured many people, including myself.

I am out to win the battle and will not stop until I have won.  -Francis S., Australi


Ed’s Response:  Glad to hear you are getting better Francis.  You’ve earned a respite after 52 years with the disease!  You have created a lot of your own regimens based on research and experiment — and, I must add, a great deal of patience.  Your success, now, is a testament to the power of open-mindedness, tenacity and persistence.  I would be surprised if one in ten of the rest of us could carry on the way you have for five decades. 

Thanks again for taking the time to share your story and experiences with us. And as far as the medical profession is concerned, I don’t think an honest doctor would rule against what you’ve accomplished. 

Please do stay in touch!  -Ed

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