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Diet “Like” Pagano Working with Topicals for Her
from Rae D.

Hi Ed: Long time reader, first time writer.  I drop into the site ever so often — mainly when I'm thinking of giving up. It always gets me on the wagon again, so thanks for that. My P is fairly minor — scored this particular jackpot in 1996 when I dyed my hair with henna. Turned out I was allergic to the stuff — burned so bad it felt like acid, and I washed it off within ten minutes but it was enough to trigger P. So I've got scalp P (naturally) to about 90% of my head, plus about 30 lesions that are the size of my littlest fingernail all over my body, a big lesion on my right shin about 7cm long and 3cm wide that’s been there for about 4 years now. Also a few fingernails and toenails.

I've been to see derms on an off. I didn't bother for about 2 years or so but current boyfriend nagged me into treating it again. Latest Derm managed to achieve a 50% improvement with topical creams, Dovonex until it stopped working, etc., but he gave me this one cream — I forget what it was called but it was yellow and strong enough to burn my healthy skin — that actually brought on a flare. Not impressed — it was lucky for him he was really cute.

When he started talking about PUVA treatments and the rather alarming side effects of oral treatments I decided to try something else. I've been seeing a naturopath for about 4 months, and its actually working quite well. Its basically a fairly hard line diet — no gluten, alcohol, dairy, red meat except for lamb, more fish, veggies, fruit, water and exercise — which I mostly stick to during the week and give up on the weekend, because its the only way I could keep to it for a long period of time.

I'm also on a weird and wonderful variety of herbs and mineral supplements that generally taste like crap. Its basically a liver and colon cleansing diet — much like the article on the medical nutritional therapy that you've mentioned in the May-June '05 Briefing, minus the colonics! My P has reduced by 80% and a bonus is coal tar and Dovonex are working again. Also I've dropped 3 kilos and the rest of my skin is looking really good too. Hopefully if it keeps up I should be totally clear by Christmas. It's slow going but I think in the long run combining these two therapies — one that works from the inside out and the other that works from the outside in — should keep my P on its toes. 

Anyhoo — Thanks for the site and keep the flag flying,  -Rae D.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for writing, Rae.  It would be fascinating to trace back the influences on these “cleansing diets” recommended by naturopaths, chiropractors and others.  I wonder how many of them would converge on Pagano’s therapy, which is to say, how many of them would converge on the spiritualism of Edgar Cayce?

Having recently read Pagano’s Healing Psoriasis: A Natural Alternative, I was in tune to your NOT taking the “colonics” (deep colon cleansing and enemas) but following a similar diet and using conventional topicals on stubborn lesions.

According to Pagano, the diet alone, is designed to keep toxins out of the digestive system.  The diet plus herbal supplements and teas will help heal the ‘leaky gut’ which allows the toxins out of the alimentary path and into blood and lymph from which the skin, as an organ with waste-removal functions via sweat, reacts to by creating lesions.  The other aspects of the regimen — chiropractic adjustments and meditation, to name two — are aids to quicker healing.  So, you see, following only the diet would more than suggest continued use of topicals — at least for a long time — will probably be necessary. 

Please let us know how you continue to fare, on or off the diet, Rae.  -Ed

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