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Biologic Reflections and Pagano Update
from Robin

Hello Ed.  It's Robin.  Going into my 7th week on the Pagano regimen and still hanging in there.  I enjoyed your new issue, and truly appreciate all your work.  Also, I was very glad to hear that you are reading Dr. Pagano's book.  Any chance of putting it to the test? 

I was especially interested in Jerry C.'s Enbrel Blog and thoughts on the Pagano diet.  I, too, have experienced the miracle of Enbrel.  As one of the early users of Enbrel, I was more than amazed at the results.  Within 3 months, my psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis had cleared 80-90%.  Going into a year of Enbrel use, I began to get a few new spots.  These continued to increase in size and intensity.  Adding methotrexate didn't help so I was switched to Remicade.  After the first infusion, I saw a slight improvement.  After the second infusion, I broke out in the most severe case of hives I've ever seen.  Since Remicade is a long lasting infusion, the hives lasted almost 4 weeks.  I have never been so miserable.  After consulting with 3 doctors, including an allergist, it was determined that I was having an allergic reaction to the “mouse protein” which is a component of both Enbrel and Remicade (YUCK!).  I was told that I could no longer use either.  Humira was suggested, but after what I went through, I was not willing to take the risk.  Having suffered with psoriasis for almost 40 years and psoriatic arthritis for almost 10, I have used everything from prednisone to methotrexate to cyclosporine to light box treatments and every topical imaginable.  I thought the biologics were finally the answer — but not for me I guess!

After coming off Enbrel, Remicade and methotrexate, I had a wicked flare-up. Feeling backed into a corner and doomed to “live with it,” I decided to look for an alternative.  I heard about Dr. Pagano's work and found your website.  Almost 2 months into Dr. Pagano's regimen, I am happy to report no new lesions and have begun to see thinning of the old ones.  Also, my arthritis has greatly improved.  I remain optimistic and will keep you posted. I do agree with you and some of your readers, it's a tough regimen, but, for some of us flakers, the thought of life without psoriasis makes it worth a trial.  Like you, I always gave about six months to any new treatment.  Dr. Pagano's regimen deserves no less.

Thanks again for all your good work.  After 40 years, I finally feel that I'm not alone! -Robin

P.S.  Anyone in the Sarasota, FL area interested in forming a Pagano support group, please contact me at [email protected]


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for providing us the background on your “trials” (in the emotional sense) with the various biologics.  I think this is an important thing to consider when assessing the pros and cons of the Pagano regimen.

I should point out for those readers who have not read Healing Psoriasis: The Natural Alternative, though we always talk about the “Pagano diet,” Pagano’s actual prescribed regimen consists of much more, including: deep colon cleansing and enemas, herbal supplements, chiropractic adjustments and meditation.  The diet is a central feature and the main part of the therapy that must be continued forever (with exceptions, of course).  I studied the book this spring and early summer and hope to post a review here at the beginning of next year.

This is worth pointing out because undertaking the Pagano regimen cannot be compared to any current therapy offered by conventional dermatology.  Not only is it an alternative therapy, it is an alternative way of life for most of us.  People who have spent years following conventional advice on treating their psoriasis and who have met with little or no success — or success that didn’t last — are the most likely candidates for the Pagano regimen.  That we hear from more people who have tried and given up on the Pagano regimen than those who “moved permanently” into it has more to do with the nature of FlakeHQ.com than the Pagano regimen.  People come here when their psoriasis is “front and center” in their lives.  Presumably those who are successfully following Pagano’s regimen are no longer experiencing P this way. 

Please continue to keep us apprized of your progress Robin.  Even though you may be sailing off into a lesion-free sunset, we’re vitally interested in the particulars of your trip!  -Ed

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