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Dolphins Benefit from Fast Shedding Flaky Skin
from Wouter van N.

Hallo Ed:  A bit of strange news I found last weekend. About dolphins:

"Until now, no-one knew whether the soft flaky skin of a dolphin, which they shed once every 2 hours, also plays a vital part in helping them reduce these 'drags' and travel faster."


Maybe some thoughts for FlakeHQ?

Greetings, and compliments for the FlakeHQ-site from the Netherlands, Wouter van N.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks, Wouter.  I think I read once that Dolphins (along with porpoises and whales) are thought to have evolved from prehistoric land mammals.  In a unique sort of reversal these beasties evolution returned them to the seas (from whence, it is also theorized, all terrestrial creatures emerged).

Do you suppose our P is preparing our own progeny to do the same?  -Ed

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