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Possible Supplement to Help Restore Ed’s Ailing Immune System
from Claire S.

Hi Ed,  I was just reading your Briefing [May/June '04] on FlakeHQ.  I'm sorry to hear about your lymphocytes still not coming to bat for you.

I was just wondering if you have heard about this My Defense by Natrol?  I have no idea how well it works or even if it would help you out at all.  People with poor and normal immune systems speak highly of it.  I just ordered some to try.  It's a natural supplement that is reported to boost one's immune system.  Since this PA had begun, I have been having a really difficult time fighting colds, etc.  I figured, what the hell?  I have nothing to lose but some more money.  I'll let you know how it works.  If you decide to try it, I found the best price at All Star Health (I think).  I got it half the price of what it costs at most stores.  I'm not making any claims because I haven't ever tried it.  Just a thought.  Good luck!  -Claire S.


Ed’s Response:  I look forward to your report on how My Defense works for you, Claire.  Both the Big Systemics flakers have been using for years — methotrexate and cyclosporine — cut wide paths through normal immune function, and the raft of new biologics cut narrow paths.  Cut cut cut.  I’m surprised we don’t hear more about means and methods to counter the cutting.  My GP’s recommendation that I “take vitamins” is being followed, but as we’ve seen it’s done nothing quickly to bring up my counts.

For the moment I’m back on cyclosporine — which will probably set back my slow improvement — but I was willing to face that probability in order to get some improvement by early August when I have to be presentable for a nephew’s wedding.  If, after that, we can get me anywhere near normal in the lymphocyte area, my next trial will be Raptiva.  Oh boy!  -Ed

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