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Is There Such a Thing as Bargain-Priced Olux?
from Pat S.

Hi, Ed.  I just refilled the prescription of Olux Foam for my husband.  It has gone up $30.00 since we last had it filled.  It is now $160.00.  I looked it up at Canadian Drugs and they don't seem to handle it.  Is there somewhere we can get it cheaper?  We are retired and my husband is on Medicare with a Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC Supplement.  Thanks, -Pat S.


Ed’s Response:  I wasn’t able to find an online outlet, Pat. 

Olux is a foam-based compound of clobetasol propionate, one of the prescription-only high-potency topical corticosteroids.  Originally it was promoted for treatment of scalp P and, for lots of people, it worked as good as the infamous Skin-Cap.  Skin-Cap was available OTC (over-the-counter; i.e., without prescription) in the U.S. until it was determined and reported to the FDA that it contained clobetasol propionate.  (For more on this story, look-up “Skin-Cap” in the Archives.)  Olux works so well, in fact, that many flakers started using it on lesions other than scalp and, eventually, the manufacturers got it approved for use on skin lesions, too.  Since I started using it on my scalp I’ve not needed to bother with my expensive compounded concoction (my derm calls it scalp cocktail) that I would have to occlude overnight under a shower cap.  To learn more about Olux, visit its web site:  http://www.olux.com.

If anyone knows how to obtain Olux Foam for less than $160 per can, please drop me a line and I’ll forward to Pat S.  -Ed

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