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His Enbrel Blog and Thoughts on the Pagano Diet
from Jerry C.

Hi.  I started on Enbrel March 11th this year and have had quite amazing results for my psoriatic arthritis. To document my progress I started a blog (see note at end) that can be read at


I tried a lot of treatments and diets before starting on Enbrel. The only thing that really worked for me other than Enbrel was the alkaline diet laid out by Dr. John Pagano in his book, Healing Psoriasis (available from Amazon). If you are long on self-control and can follow a very strict diet, I think Pagano’s diet is an answer to psoriasis. I lasted for about fifteen months and had wonderful results. Then I fell off the diet, all my symptoms came back, and 18 months later I was approved for Enbrel.

The Enbrel after three months has done more for me than Pagano’s program achieved after fifteen months, and two injections a week are a lot easier to manage than an incredibly strict diet; however, I still feel Pagano’s program works, and if you can’t get approved for Enbrel or don’t want to take drugs, I think it is the best alternative out there. –Jerry C.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for this Jerry — your Blog is a valuable reference for the thousands of flakers currently considering Enbrel, or just beginning with it, and your experiences with the Pagano regimen underscore hundreds of similar experiences.

To other readers:  If you’re taking Enbrel or thinking about it, I encourage you to read Jerry’s journal (Blog).  It contains 4 short essays that were written between April 1 and June 6.  Though Enbrel is expensive and somewhat scary to administer (subcutaneous self-injections), and for some it doesn’t work well, when it does work in can work spectacularly.  This was Jerry’s case and he is eloquent in his presentation of the experience.  My bet is, if you are undecided about Enbrel in your future, but dissatisfied with your current P condition, and sufficiently insured to mute the high bill, Jerry’s testimony will send you to your derm in pursuit of a prescript. 

Jerry’s words should also make us think about — or rethink — the Pagano regimen, which is primarily a strict diet.  There are many reasons why flakers may not take the high-priced drugs known to help them and the Pagano diet is among the best known — and best considered — alternatives.  Even if you can’t accept the theory (Pagano’s “leaky gut” explanation for P and why his diet counters it) the results speak for themselves.  You don’t have to be a believer to try the diet anyway. –Ed


Note:  For those who may not know, a “Blog” is a web site with special features and functions that enables easy posting of various media, multiple users (people with the ability to post) and other features not commonly associated with web sites.  For example, a Blog can be made to behave like an online forum, similar to PsorChat, but without the rules and limitations posed by an overseer like Yahoo Groups.

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