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Home Phototherapy Has Worked Best for Him 
from Simon

I read with much interest several of the letters written by concerned and/or confused visitors to FlakeHQ.  I’m somewhat surprised at the ongoing search by psoriasis patients who think that what may work for one, is good for another.

I have had psoriasis for years on end, went through all the phases you can imagine, even a triple visit to the Dead Sea in Israel (something not too many Americans can afford, time-wise), and I found that what worked best for me was home phototherapy.

True, the lamps are not cheap to buy.  But once purchased they are yours forever, and may be used or not according to one’s needs.

Presently, I am on a maintenance regimen of 2 treatments per week, in total privacy of my home, and fitted into my own schedule.

If anyone reading this letter wants further information from a person who has successfully used home phototherapy for a long time now, feel free to write me, Simon, at [email protected] (Hungary).

Best regards, -Simon


Ed’s Response:  I happily forward your email address, Simon.  Even as recent as a year ago, I would have agreed that the cost of UVA/B lamps probably stopped a lot of flakers from considering them.  But in the past year, with the advent of the new biologic drugs and their tremendous costs, the price of the lamps doesn’t seem that outrageous anymore.

Interested readers may want to check-out this site for a description of one manufacturer’s home units:



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