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Trying Avandia
from David O.

Hi Ed:  I wanted add to the Avandia info. After reading about Dr. Mirkin’s New “Cure.” I talked to my GP.  He got me going on 4 mg of Avandia per day. I am at week 12 now, and while I have not cleared, my P seems to have changed a bit. Not quite the hard plaque as before. I have been using the Avandia with Noble formula RX (pharmacist compounded version of Skin-Cap).  I will use the Avandia for 3 more months and take stock then. -David O.


Ed’s Response:  Please do let us know how your personal trial with Avandia plays out, David.  I have still be unable to find any references on- or off-line to a drug trial about Avandia for P.  (Avandia is an approved drug — rosiglitazone maleate — for combating type 2 diabetes.)  If anybody knows a reference about studies of this drug for treating P, please share. 

I hadn’t heard about “Noble formula RX” either.  I’ll interpret your mention that this is a pharmacist-compounded version of Skin-Cap to mean the active ingredient is clobetasol propionate and it’s in a fluid-spray-on base.  The closest commercially available factory-manufactured product to this, that I’m aware of, is Olux Foam.  It works pretty well in my experience, especially for scalp P.  (For old and gruesome stories about Skin-Cap, look it up in the Archives here.)

I’m eagerly looking forward to your next report, David.  -Ed

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