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FlakeHQ Helping First Date Jitters
from Julie

I have a first date on Friday and unfortunately my psoriasis has chosen this week to flare up.  My usual cream doesn't seem to be doing anything so I will have to resort to clever dressing and make-up.  I guess the positive thing is that I will not be tempted to rush things and will definitely want to keep my clothes on!

Was motivated by this dilemma to trawl the internet for new treatments and found your site — it is brilliant!  It is great to see so many people taking a positive approach to the condition and being able to laugh about it while also helping each other with suggestions.  Now I am thinking, if he doesn't like me because of the psoriasis then he is not worth my attention anyway! –Julie


Ed’s Response:  And right you are, dear Julie.  If he doesn’t like you because of the psoriasis, he isn’t worth your attention. 

Now that you’ve found us, we hope you do stay in touch.  Based on the date of your email, it’s already been a month since your first date.  So, how’d it go?  -Ed

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