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Jury’s Out After Insurance Battle Over Amevive
from Russell G.

Dear Ed....Great web site. I can appreciate all of the stories and suggestions that are posted here.

I am a long time (15 year) sufferer of Plantar Pustular P (hands and feet).  I’ve been through most of the "old treatments.”  Been on Amevive now for 6 weeks. Had trouble getting approval — initially I was turned down.

I had to persuade the insurance company with a detailed, exhausting recollection of my 15 year battle, including all of the physicians, and details of all the medicines.  I included photos of my lesion-riddled feet and that must have done the trick.

You can fight the system and win! 

Now I hope the treatments work.

I have a new dermatologist and he seems willing to do whatever it takes. I will re-post in a couple of months to update on the Amevive Treatments.

With clearing in sight, I am ...  -Russell G.


Ed’s Response:  And we are Listening and Waiting Word Eagerly, Russell.  Me especially, as when I go thumbs-down on Enbrel in the next couple of weeks, Amevive will be one of the options I discuss with my derm.  -Ed

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