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Scalp P Drives Her Nuts
from Eileen C.

I have had psoriasis for about 3 years.  It started on my scalp but my Dr. told me that it was ringworm and prescribed some cream.  During the same visit I told my doctor that my fingernails have pits in them and without even looking at them he just told me not to worry about it!

Well, now I have been to a derm who just keeps prescribing cream after cream — I almost need a different vanity in the bathroom so there’s room for my husband’s stuff, too!  Anyway, I've tried everything — Olux, Temovate, Aclovate ... nothing works for very long.

I use a combination of Elidel & Noritate cream on my nose, ears and at the baseline of my hair on my face.   My scalp has been driving me nuts, so I started using Denorex shampoo.   I find it difficult to use the liquid clobetasol propionate on my scalp because it doesn't get through to the scalp real well.

Anyway, I could really go on and on but I do have a question.  I wanted to go to a tanning booth and see if that would help my face, legs and arms; however, I have high blood pressure and take a diuretic that makes me photosensitive.   If I was to only stay in there 8 minutes, would I burn really bad?  I have very fair skin to boot, so I'm really just a mess.

Well, let me know if you can.   Thanks for the site - it's great! -Eileen  


Ed’s Response:  I can’t say, Eileen, how you’d fare in a tanning salon or how long you could expose before you go up in a puff of smoke.  You need to talk to your derm about this and, even if he gives you an “ok” to try it, the accuracy of the stated amount of UVA or UVB you get from a salon instrument is always suspect.  I would not be surprised if, given your photosensitivity-raising BP meds and your already fair skin, your derm will tell you to avoid the commercial salons and, instead, prescribes some clinical light therapy as a trial.  (That’s what my derm did for me.  And I went up in a puff of smoke so fast he quickly determined light therapy was not going to be my cup of tea.)

My scalp P used to give me fits, too.  Denorex did nothing for me.  The best shampoo I found was Pentrax; second best for me has been T-Gel Extra Strength.  I found the only topical therapy that worked for me involved overnight occlusion.  Have you tried that?  It means applying something potent to your scalp — and invariably it’s gooey, foul-smelling, and likely to stain linens — and covered while you sleep with a sexy shower cap.  Not the most pleasant of therapies, but it always worked within a few nights for me.  You might want to bring this up with your derm, too.  Search on “scalp” here at FlakeHQ for lots more exchanges on this subject.

Let us know how you get on, Eileen.  -Ed

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