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Starting Amevive
from RJ

Ed:  I received my second shot of Amevive today.  I am one of six patients at my dermatologist's office who are receiving Amevive injections.  One patient has seen improvement shortly after the fourth (of 12) injections.  I have taken some detailed digital photos "before" and hope I can share some markedly improved "after" photos with you at the appropriate time. 

I feel fortunate that my health insurance covers all but the required $15 office visit each week.  Unfortunately, we may be switching providers in July so future coverage may be in jeopardy. I'll continued to keep you advised.  Regards, -RJ


Ed’s Response:  Thanks, RJ, for answering my call to folks trying Amevive.  We’d be very interested in continued updates and photo-illustrations.

Your news about how your (current) insurance is covering the therapy is music to our ears. -Ed

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