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Singing Detective On Its Way
from Steve C.

Hi Ed.

Coming in the Fall 2003: The Singing Detective, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Mel Gibson.  Not bad, huh!

This was a successful mini-series in England, based on Dennis Potter’s book (no relation to Harry — ha ha). Finally, a big-time movie to allow a potential worldwide audience to see the devastation caused by Psoriasis — and the “life” that comes with it.

Anyway, my hope is that when this movie is released; the added exposure will generate more funding to find a “cure” for this damned disease.  Thanks.  –Steve C.


Ed’s Response:  I’m looking forward to the movie and I add my hopes to yours.

For a complete story on this soon-to-be-released film, visit this page at the National Psoriasis Foundation web site:


I’ll be seeing the film as soon as I can and will post my thoughts.  As always, I encourage anyone else to share their thoughts about the film, too. -Ed

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