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Gene Cream Down Under?
from Jim P.

Hi Ed, Just a few lines.

I was watching the news on TV last week and a small segment came on  regarding  P.  It showed how a young girl’s skin had cleared up  using some sort of ointment under development in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 

There was also a small article in my local paper — the West Australian — titled “Gene Cream.”  It said researchers at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne have turned an advanced gene treatment into a topical cream. The gene contains Antisense molecules that mimic DNA, and tells the skin to stop over-producing the protein in the skin that causes itchy, red painful blotches.

Have you heard anything regarding this?  It was on national news, so I don’t think it would be snake oil.  As it’s still under development, would the NPF know anything of this research?  Regards, -Jim P.


Ed’s Response:  Interesting stuff, Jim!  I found more at Biogen’s new site: www.psoriasissupport.com under their “Latest News” link.  The release was dated June 10th and pretty much said the same thing you have. 

According to that article, the new drug could be available in “5 to 7 years.”  Here’s the interesting contradiction.  According to the article at psoriasissupport.com (which they picked up from a news syndication service), this drug hasn’t been tested on humans, yet.  The article said the drug was successfully used on human psoriatic skin grafted to mice.  Since you’re closer to the source of all this, I’d not wager against your info being more current than the blurb at psoriasissupport.com.

This is one we’ll keep an eye on.  Let us know if you hear anything else.  Thanks again, Jim.  -Ed

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