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Olux and Tazorac — Doing the Trick
from Bill A.

Dear Ed:  I accidentally sneaked into your site when looking up information on Tazorac and Olux. Hope you don't mind.

Two months ago (approx.) a dermatologist prescribed the subject medicines. I am VASTLY improved and am not flaking now. My great wife used to jokingly call me the rug mites of the worlds' savior.  I have experienced P for approximately sixteen years. No doubt, I have used virtually all of the OTC medicines, and a number of Scrip medicines. Dovonex did about a 60 to 70 percent job for six months or so.

So far, the results with the present drugs are very good.

The Derm’s instructions now, are to apply Olux to suspect areas, as well as Tazorac  to my calves. Works for me. Many other areas appear to be in remission and there is no application being made.

Lesions are no longer evident on: face, ears, chest. arms, back, and thighs. Lesions are down to 30 percent on calves.

I have not been traumatized by P. As with any other intrusion that is not debilitating in a major way, P exists and life goes on.

Thanks for the "humorous" comments from others. I have had very few. Guess my attitude disarms people. When pressed, I just tell them that, "I bet you've never seen Hansen's before." They don't have a clue, and just nod.

I felt moved to write. I'll be praying for you and ask for the Lord's will in your life, as my wife and I do for our family and friends.  Best regards, -Bill A.


Ed’s Response:  “Accidentally sneaked into” our site?  Is that possible?  All right, I want to see a show of hands.  How many of you accidentally sneaked into FlakeHQ?

Thanks for this, Bill.  I like your attitude.  Life does, indeed, go on.  I also like your line, I bet you’ve never seen Hansen’s before.  On the off chance that you might one day say this within earshot of a FlakeHQ reader, I want to make sure they all know Hansen’s disease is another name for leprosy.  Now, if somebody within earshot chuckles when you next use this line, you can assume it’s a FlakeHQ reader.

It’s amazing that sometimes lesions go into remission when they are NOT among those you are currently treating.  I’ve watched this happen several times with lesions on my back that are hard to get to.  Of course, the derms suggest this might be a sign that the corticosteroid is systematizing, which is not a good thing.  Evidently those topical corticosteroids are supposed to stick to where you put them.  If they start wandering around your innards via your blood stream, they can find places to cause trouble.  They’re like Ninja.  You want to have them to send on missions, but as guests at your cocktail party?  No way.  

Now that you’ve sneaked in, Bill, I hope you’ll come back to visit ... and drop some lines to let us know how you fare.  I like your wife, too.  Anybody who can think kindly of dust mites is okay in my book.  <wink>  -Ed

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