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Pagano Was Easy and it Worked
from Monte

Ed - Great web site! I wondered why you never tried the Pagano diet? It is really easy to follow, and brings a lot of success to people. I've had P for a number of years, had a bad outbreak about a year ago, and now am all clear. I admit, I'd did take a while for me to clear, about 6-7 months. Thanks for your time. -Monte


Ed’s Response:  I’ve got to say, Monte, you are the first person who has ever said, here, that the Pagano diet was “easy.”  You must be a very disciplined individual!  I admire you for that. I’ve not tried the regimen for two reasons:  One, in general, diets and I don’t get along.  I’ve heard enough anecdotal information from people who have tried the diet to forecast my own poor performance.  Two, I cannot stomach the thought of six months “waiting for it to work.” 

Thanks also for the note that it took you 6-7 months to clear on the Pagano regimen. As you probably noticed if you searched here, we are accumulating correspondence from people who have tried the Pagano dietary regimen. 

I believe this is “the definitive site” on the Pagano psoriasis regimen:



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