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It’s Spreading
from Denia

Hi Ed.  Sorry I haven't written for so long and sorry for the name thing.  [Note:  Denia wrote Tazorac Healing Her Nail P in March but the signature was “Dxalic.” -Ed]

Well, just wanted to let you know that I have graduated from Nail P to hand, fingers and feet P.  I am moving on up.  I go for PUVA treatments every 2 days.  My feet are uuuuuugly.  I was really getting depressed until my husband sat next to me on our bed (while I was soaking) and blurted out, "Hey! Why so sad?  We now get a handicapped parking permit!" which just made me start laughing.   I love him for being so supportive. 

The nail P is now coming back, but the Tazorac worked pretty well.  I stopped using it for several months, now I will start again.  Ouch, now I know how you feel when you have to stop typing because your fingers hurt. 

Hey Ed, do the tips of your fingers hurt? Like even when you're not doing anything?  I wonder if these are like signs of arthritis.  Is anyone in a wheelchair because of foot P?  My son tells me he will build me a wheelchair with some type of nitrous oxide so I can get places faster.  Go figure. 

Thanks Ed, love ya for your honesty, humor and wit.  I console myself by thanking God I'm not that bad, and I have FlakeHQ to share. Take care.  Your sister in P. –Denia


Ed’s Response:  I like Denia a lot better than Dxalic. 

Sorry to hear about the P spreading bit.  My years of wide-eyed aghast-ness were 1990 through 1994.  During those five years my P blossomed from scalp and two or three face lesions to 80+% coverage.  It was a terrifying metamorphosis.  (I thought often of Gregor Samsa, from Kafka’s novella, Metamorphosis, who woke up one morning to find he had turned into a giant cockroach.) 

Have my fingertips ever hurt because of P?  You betcha.  Before I started taking methotrexate (mid-1999) my hands would get so bad that I could predict when and where a crack was going to open.  I knew just when to make a fist or tightly curl a finger to actually force a crack to open.  It was one helluva bar trick; but by then I had stopped frequenting bars.  Anyway, sometimes the fingertips would hurt from cracks in the skin, other times they would hurt from the psoriatic arthritis (PA) in the last knuckles of the fingers.  I felt the twinges of pain typing on a keyboard and just thanked God we were no longer using the manual Underwoods I’d learned to type on in the 60s.  (I still possess three manual typewriters — i.e., mechanical with no power supply except the typist — upon all of which I could once rap out 75 words per minute or better.  Now I can’t throw my fingers far enough or strong enough to get even strikes of keys against the platen.  And I can no longer “rap.”  All I can do is “jam.”)

Is anyone in a wheelchair because of foot P?  I can’t point my finger to anyone at this moment but I would wager there are plenty of cases out there.  My wife’s foot P will sometimes pain her greatly, though it’s never landed her in a wheelchair.  PA in the foot can certainly be debilitating.  But not to overstate the case, these are extremes that most flakers won’t ever reach.  I, too, thank God I am not that bad.

When your son builds you that wheelchair with an engine and nitrous oxide booster you are going to be a very popular lady.  We want pictures.

Stay in touch, Denia.  Denia.  Oh yes, much better than Dicks Alec.  <wink> -Ed

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