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My Oreck Vacuum Has Been Reliable
from Howard R.

Ed:  Sharon C. sent a letter seeking recommendations for a good upright vacuum to suck up the flakes. I've used an Oreck vacuum for a few years with good results. The one I have is light, has a long cord, cost about $400 and came with a handy little carvac that plugs into your car.

Not cheap but it beats buying from your son-in-law! 

Not sure Oreck has actual stores.  I either ordered on-line or on the phone from an ad, don't remember which. –Howard R.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for the tip Howard.  I visited the Oreck web site (http://www.oreck.com) and read some interesting stuff.  Check this out:

FAQ:  How many amps does the Oreck XL Vacuum Cleaner have?

Answer:  4 amps. Keep in mind, however, that amperage is not an accurate measure of power. Amperage is only the amount of electricity needed to run your motor. The Oreck XL vacuum cleaner has a small, efficient motor, while still maintaining high air flow (260 cfms) and high brush revolutions (6500 rpms). The amount of air flow and how well your roller brush agitates your carpet determines how well the dirt is picked up off your floor, not how much electricity you use to start up your motor. High amperage usually indicates a heavy motor, thus a heavy vacuum. Many vacuum cleaner companies mislead the customer into believing that amperage is a measure of "power," or how well it will "pick up."

I’m one of the many who has been lead to believe “more amps are better” in the vacuuming arena.  This, plus your testament to your Oreck vacuum, gives me pause.  On the other hand, what did I expect?  The manufacturer to say: “4 amps — and we’re sorry it couldn’t be more”?

Whatever.  I’ll consider Oreck when my Dirt Devil goes to hell … er, breaks down.

Any other testimony or rave reviews out there?  No one but a flaker can understand how personally important a good vacuum can be!  -Ed

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