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P Nightmares — Anyone?
from Lee

Ed:  Just curious.  Anybody have nightmares about being exposed?

I love this site. It's a breath of fresh air after inhaling a cloud of psawdust. –Lee


Ed’s Response:  I had to stop and think a minute about that, Lee.  I don’t have many nightmares, but the few I have are doozies.  (There’s one with a King Kong-sized gorilla that has begged for a Freudian interpretation for over thirty years.)   I don’t think I’ve ever had a nightmare — at least not one that woke me up — about having my P exposed. 

Now, to be shame-facedly honest, I’ve had some dreams about exposing my P, but they weren’t nightmares....

Anybody else?  This is an interesting line of inquiry.  Thanks for asking, Lee.  -Ed

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