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Her 30-something Spirit in her 50-something Body
from Dian

Hey Ed: Just read about your site in the monthly NPF and think it's great.

I have psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis and type 2 diabetes and have let the psoriasis affect my social/personal life for way too many years. I'd like to change that and thought it would be great if you added a spot on your site where flakes can meet other flakes. I'm in my mid-50s body-wise but have the spirit of a 30-something babe and leave a little bit of myself wherever I go. Let me know what you think.

On another subject, check out my web site: http://www.allaboutfunds.com. It's a site dedicated to teaching folks about mutual fund investing.  Thanks for your time, -Dian


Ed’s Response:  Thanks, Dian.  I’m sorry to see you belong to the same club I do — 2 forms of P and the Big D, too — but must admit having you in the gang lends new value to membership!

Check out my response to Fred in this month’s mail for a number of web sites where you can make one-to-one contact with other Flakers.  I made a slightly different response to the same sort of inquiry back in 1999:  How about a Flaker Dating Service?

Hey!  I checked out allaboutfunds.com.  Great site.  What I know about investing is embarrassing and I think your site is the place to remedy that.  And your books, too!  Thanks for sharing the link.  I hope other readers will check it out.

Some day when you have a chance I think we’d all like to hear how Flaking has affected your life and career.  You obviously haven’t let 2 Ps and the Big D inhibit your professionally.

Stay in touch, Dian.  -Ed

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